She came from behind and touched the hem of His garment.

In this story there was a women that suffered with an issue of blood for twelve years, and within the twelve years spend all her living on doctors looking for a cure to her problem, and tho she paid doctors that said they could help, was left broke and in dispair.

And remember people with issues are not treated right, they get written off because of their problems, so was this women amongst her people, but she heard about a man that was curing disease and healing the sick, and decided that this is my healing, this women came from behind and touched His hem, and virtue left Jesus and healed her.

I want to speak to people who are behind and who feels that you have done all to come out off your situation and everything you tried failed, and everyone you looked up to failed. As this women came from behind and touched Him, so you will press in and touch Him, but you coming with what you want from Him, and I see you walking away with what you came for, your deliverance, your healing, your provision in the name of Jesus.

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